ZimTracker is an impartial and apolitical not-for-profit fact-checking organisation which aims to fact check social and mainstream media reports and claims by private and public office bearers to ensure proper flow of verified, truthful and impartial news.


  • Eburnie Today

    Eburnie Today is a newsroom founded in 2016 in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to promote innovation in journalism and new ideas to engage the public. Our mission is to produce independent news based on our values: commitment and integrity.

  • Health Equity Media Lab (HEML)

    HEML is an app focused tech solution that reaches audiences with credible, actionable health information and services that are far reaching in language, content and platform use.

  • The Republic

    The Republic is a subscription media platform and community providing unrivalled, personalised coverage of Africa, for the Africa-curious.

  • Tranquil Media Group

    Tranquil Media Group is a Tanzanian media program that showcases African children’s content which entertains and educates as they show their talents and learn.


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