‘Data’ is a very scarce resource

The frugal practices recorded in these diaries suggests that anyone — including journalism and media services — that aims to connect with the less connected should carefully consider how to minimise the data consumption required to use their services.

Not ‘always on’ but ‘mostly off’

Whereas digital journalists and media professionals are often able to benefit from an ‘always on’ Internet, designing media services for the less connected requires appreciating that the less connected may be only rarely connected.

The World Wide Web is a world away

The web was infrequently visited by the Izolo diarists. Most of their online time was spent within the ‘walled gardens’ of platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. An important reason for this that diarists mentioned is that these services have low and predictable data consumption, and due to zero-rating by some operators, may even be free. This makes reaching the less connected particularly challenging.



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