| Predictions for journalism in 2023

What does the year ahead hold for the journalism industry? It will be better than the last two years but the challenges will remain as media organisations seek to innovate, increase revenue and continue to battle falling sales and a lack of trust among readers. Learn what industry leaders predict for 2023. Read the article here

IJNET | 4 behavior analytics tools for small newsrooms

Any newsroom looking to improve its readership metrics needs to look into unpacking these 4 analytics tools. Analytics helps you to steer your publication towards your goals and tailor content that is relevant to your readership. Testing these programmes first is advisable. Read which ones to try here

Reporters Without Borders | New record number of journalists jailed worldwide

The year 2022 saw a record number of journalists jailed worldwide with 533 journalists being locked up, a further 57 losing their lives on the job, 65 held hostage and an additional 49 journalists still missing. This is according to a report published by Reporters Without Borders that unpacks the abuses experienced by those in the industry. Read the report here

Reuters Institute | Climate news use and attitudes in eight countries

The Reuters Institute has recently published a report on how people across eight countries consume climate news. Africa was not included in the sample, however, the report helps us understand who reads these stories and how we can better cater to them. Read the article here

The Wire | How can journalists counter the ‘Dictators’ Handbook’?

The threats faced by journalists show no signs of easing, with some regimes around the world ramping up their efforts to silence those who dare to report the truth. A veteran journalist argues it is time journalists had their own handbook to fight the rising tide of dictators who seek to keep them from doing their work. Read the article here.

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