The Conversation | Young people are abandoning news websites 

The digital space has dramatically changed the journalism industry and influenced how and where audiences read their news. According to the digital news report, younger audiences use social media platforms like TikTok for their news. Read the article here. 

Columbia Journalism Review | Q&A: Hiba Morgan on the fighting in Sudan and the press

The Columbia Journalism Review sat down with Hiba Morgan, Al Jazeera’s Sudan correspondent, who is based in Khartoum to talk about the attacks in the capital of Sudan which have resulted in the deaths of 800 civilians and a million have been displaced. The Sudanese Journalists Syndicate, a national union, has reported accounts of journalists being shot, beaten, harassed, and detained. Read the article here. 

Center for Media Engagement | How multiple choice quizzes can help fact-checkers

Fact-checkers face the difficult challenge of trying to get readers to retain key bits of information from fact-checks while also helping them identify whether a claim is true or false. Online multiple-choice quizzes present an opportunity to encourage readers of a fact-checking article to engage with the content and to help them learn. Read the article here.

What’s New In Publishing | How AI tools already contribute to daily news

Artificial intelligence is changing how news is reported and delivered to audiences. One of the most powerful and widely discussed AI tools is ChatGPT, which gained immense popularity due to its remarkable ability to generate highly credible natural language text. As AI-driven technology continues to advance, it assumes an increasingly significant role in news media. Read the article here

The Guardian | Nobel laureate Maria Ressa says research by Oxford institute can be used against reporters

Nobel peace laureate Maria Ressa has claimed Oxford University’s leading journalism institute is publishing flawed research that puts journalists and independent outlets at risk, particularly in the Global South. Read the article here

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