Vanguard Nigeria | Why science journalism should take centre stage in Africa

Science journalism has been one of the lesser practiced beats in journalism, requiring knowledge-based reporting and an interest in providing solutions to existing issues. Find out why science journalism matters. Read the article here.

IJNET | This project investigates corruption in primary health care across Nigeria

The Rural Health Accountability Project is on a mission to educate locals about their rights and access to primary healthcare in Nigeria. Through its investigations, it has found that the government’s promises and proposals to build health facilities are not fulfilled and that the realities on the ground for locals are often quite grim. Read the article here

What’s New In Publishing | What do Gen Z want from news publishers?

Having a strategy for appealing to younger audiences is likely to ensure that it is reflected in your readership numbers. Gen Z’s consume content that they are passionate about and that is presented in a visually engaging manner. This can be seen in the worldwide trend of publications that are reaching vast audiences on social media platforms only. Read more here

Poynter | 10 reasons you should hire a journalist

Journalism jobs are one of the most in jeopardy jobs in the world of work. Changes in readership habits, growing mistrust and shaky revenue models have seen the end of many a journalist’s jobs. But perhaps more people within the media should motivate why their now-unemployed colleagues deserve to be hired. This open letter does just that. Read the article here.

Daily News Egypt | Egypt launches training programme for African journalists

The northern African nation has announced that it will be rolling out an extensive training programme for African journalists which will include workshops on how to combat fake news and the impact of social media on traditional media. Journalists will also learn about Egypt’s policy toward Nile Basin countries as well as other key issues facing the continent. Read the article here

Media Update | Journalism versus freelance journalism

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between an employed journalist and a freelance journalist, this article succinctly explains the distinction. Read the article here.

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