| New year, new career?

As we welcome a new year, many people might find themselves at a crossroads in their careers, not too sure about whether to continue with their current career or make a bold change. It is important for one’s job to be fulfilling and many people struggle with their careers fulfilling both their professional and personal needs. This article is great, as it provides some guidance by answering questions on whether to stick with your current career or make the move. Read more here.

Nieman Lab | Why journalists struggle to cover climate change

Though there has been an uptake in climate reporting, many journalists still struggle on how to report on climate change. This article looks at why journalists struggle with covering this topic. Read the article here.

Premium Times Nigeria | Managing digital tools for emerging journalism

Digital literacy has become increasingly important as digital technologies continue to change and evolve the media landscape. This article explores the relationship between journalists and digital technologies and the growing need for journalists to have a better understanding of how these technologies can be adapted to journalism. Read the article here.

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International Federation of Journalists | 45 journalists and media staff killed in 2021

The International Federation of Journalists has revealed in its annual list that 45 journalists and media staff were killed last year. While this number is lower than previous years, the federation says the continued violence and harassment leveled at journalists around the world continues to be a concern. Read the article here.

What’s New In Publishing | 6 big digital trends to watch in 2022

There’s never a dull moment in digital media innovation and this year promises to be no different. Some of the trends to expect this year include increased privacy and quality content on social media feeds. We can also expect to learn more about the rise of the metaverse as well as a change in workplaces and skill sets as the labour market unravels. Read the article here

IJNET | The rise of WhatsApp journalism: Pros and cons

With over 2.5 billion active users worldwide, it’s a no-brainer that many journalists rely on the social media platform to aid their reporting. This article explores how this has made communication faster and easier with sources and story subjects. However, there are also dangers to relying heavily on WhatsApp as a journalist. Read more here



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