CJR | Who’s behind this website? A checklist

This handy guide by the Columbia Journalism Review’s Tow Center offers journalists useful tips on how to track the person/people behind a website. The checklist is broken up into sections and is easy to understand even for someone who is not web-savvy. Read it here

NiemanLab | Algorithms, lies, and social media

There is no disputing the fact that the internet is a powerful force, but as this article explores it can be a force for sinister activities and manipulation unbeknownst to the users it serves. This sentiment has been echoed by Google executives who referred to the web as “the world’s largest ungoverned space”. To find out what can be done to change this, read the article here

Press Gazette | How BBC Africa Eye changed the face of journalism in Africa

BBC Africa has produced some of the most hard-hitting pieces of journalism we have seen on our screens in recent times. The channel employs African-based journalists who report the story as it happens on the ground and refuse to subscribe to ‘parachute journalism’. In the piece, we hear from the people behind the investigations who put their lives on the line to get to the heart of the story. Read more here

Poynter | 5 questions reporters and editors should ask to diversify their sources

Journalist Neema Roshania Patel has been calling for the creation of a ‘source course’, arguing that diversity in sourcing makes journalism better. She has launched the course in newsrooms in the US and shares five questions one should be asking to ensure stories reach a wider audience. Read the article here.

Variety | Inside the BBC staff exodus

In the last year, 15 women of colour have resigned from the broadcasting corporation citing a work environment that is unsupportive and exhausted by the ‘culture of survival’. Read the article here

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