Columbia Journalism Review | Where did Facebook’s funding for journalism really go?

The Columbia Journalism Review does a deep dive into why the social media giant’s funding for journalism has dried up and why it has distanced itself from the news industry. Read the article here

Voice of America | In Somalia, women journalists are changing the narrative

We have reported previously about how Somalia is one of the most perilous countries to be a journalist. Yet that has not stopped the brave reporters of the embattled nation from risking their lives to share stories that are emerging from the country. A number of them share their journeys. Read the article here

Committee to Protect Journalists | Nigerian journalists detained, attacked, or harassed during election

Following the February 25 presidential and federal elections in Nigeria, reports have emerged of the attacks that some of the country’s journalists and media workers had to endure. Read the article here. 

NiemanLab | Is there a future for video games journalism?

The global video game industry continues to boom generating $184 billion in 2022 alone, the sort of numbers that media watchers are puzzling over. How can journalism get in on the success and what is the best strategy for doing so? Read the article here.  

WAN IFRA | How to reach younger audiences in your newsroom 

Hear insights from a panel session of the World News Media Congress where guests explore what it takes to lure in today’s young reader. And it requires much more than opening a TikTok for your organisation. Read the article here

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