| Standing out in a crowded market: what makes a top news podcast?

BBC News, The Guardian, Global Media and The New Statesman share what gives their shows an edge in a competitive space. Read the article here.

IJNET | 7 insights into measuring the impact of journalism

A survey of more than 50 years of research on media effects, our team of five researchers, spanning three academic disciplines, gathered decades of research on media effects to develop a taxonomy of media impact that can be used by media practitioners and researchers. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | Working with hackers: where — and how — journalists should use these sources

The use of hacked data is an increasingly common ethical challenge for investigative journalists. Here’s a useful guide from the Global Investigative Journalism Network. Read the article here

INMA | Should news media cut the cord with Big Tech?

Natalia Antelava, co-founder of investigative journalism site CodaStory, thinks news publishers should part ways with Big Tech. Read the article here.

The Verge | How Twitter broke the news

A decade of reporters working for Twitter’s algorithm while their bosses desperately tried to work for Facebook and Google did not result in stable business, happy reporters, or even satisfied audiences. Read the article here.

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