| What is the future of news on LinkedIn?

Until recently, LinkedIn was seen more as a professional networking social media platform. But it is increasingly becoming a new avenue for publishers to grow their audiences and tap into a market where people are already looking for opportunities and information. Here’s how publishers and journalists can capitalise on this growth. Read the article here. 

IJNET | TV station in Uganda is creating content for deaf audiences 

This is the story of how deaf journalist Eroku Simon created a TV station, Signs TV Uganda, to ensure that people with hearing impairments in the country are not denied access to information. Read the article here

Columbia Journalism Review | Facebook, Kenya, and the threat of political violence

As Kenya prepares to vote in the August 9 general elections, the threat of misinformation and political violence hangs over the nation. Read the article here

Chatham House | The online media changing African news 

Chatham House spoke to three editors from different African online publications about how their news sites are gripping audiences with digital innovation and bold directions. Read the article here. 

Media Update | Journalists, it’s time to get interactive

Interactive journalism is a new type of journalism that allows the audience to directly contribute to the reporting and investigating of a story. But how is this done? Media Update provides different methods on how publications can make journalism more interactive. Read the article here. 

Committee to Protect Journalists | Threats to press freedom in Ethiopia 

The 21-month civil war in Ethiopia has had a negative impact on press freedom in the country with journalists facing repression and censorship through internet shutdowns and anti-terror laws. The Committee to Protect Journalists has documented the arrest of at least 63 journalists and media workers since November 4, 2020, at least eight of whom remain detained as of August 1, 2022. Read the article here.

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