Amnesty International | The conviction of journalists in Niger threatens media freedom

Samira Sabou and Moussa Aksar were both recently sentenced to one month and two months for republishing the findings of a report which reported on corruption found within the Niger authorities. The conviction of the journalists has raised concern, with media freedom advocates stating that it is a setback for media freedom in Niger. Read more here.

Poynter | Is Journalism serving the rich? 

As of recent, many publications have introduced paywalls and subscriptions which was said to help the journalism industry that has suffered some economic losses. However, are these paywalls and subscriptions preventing many people from accessing news? This article interrogates whether paywalls allow rich people to access news and exclude the rest. Read the article here.

Daily Maverick | What will 2022 have in store for South African media

It is a new year, with new predictions on what will be the trends in media for 2022. One of these trends is that paywalls and subscriptions will continue to play a bigger role, as media organisations look for sources for revenue. Journalists have faced many threats, abuse, and harassment, unfortunately, this will also continue. Read the article here for more trends 

Want to stay up to date with the latest journalism and media innovation news from the African continent? Subscribe to our newsletter. | Why publishers should pay attention to Pinterest 

There is always an opportunity for a publisher to find a new route to grow revenue and this year it seems that new route is social media stalwart Pinterest. With more active users than Twitter, which is a favourite of the industry, Pinterest has been neglected by publishers. But with the new year brings new opportunities to potentially tap into. This article explores why it is in the media industry’s best interest to pay closer attention to how they can capitalise on the platform. Read the article here.

Editor & Publisher | Five predictions for media and journalism in 2022

As we kick off a new year, here’s a list of predictions for the year ahead. The writer notes that while the industry will continue to battle with trust and credibility in the eyes of the public, data and research as well as a greater focus on expert voices will prove crucial to reporting. Read more to find out what other trends will emerge this year. 

Harvard Business Review | When being indispensable backfires

If you thought making yourself indispensable was a good career strategy, well think again. It turns out it could be hurting your progress rather than helping it. This Harvard Business Review piece will be valuable for journalists looking to make moves in the year 2022. Read the article here


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