IJNET | Understanding deepfakes and how to counter them

Deepfakes highlight the dangerous ability to manipulate media in such a way that it becomes impossible to separate fact from fiction through the naked eye. This gives journalists the extra task of learning how to counter this form of fake news. These are some tips on how to go about it. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | Mastodon: a breath of fresh air or almost extinct fleeting hype?

Mastodon was heavily hyped as the new alternative for journalists looking for a platform similar to Elon Musk’s Twitter. But is this new platform just the flavour of the moment as audiences turn their backs on the blue bird app or can it prove its staying power beyond being an ‘anti-Twitter’ solution? Read this take here

What’s New In Publishing | The attention economy: Why news publishers are losing

Where are today’s media publishers going wrong and what do they need to do to compete successfully is the question that this article seeks to answer. It looks at the challengers eating the media industry’s lunch and the importance of keeping your audience’s attention. Read the article here

Media Update | Podcast format versus structure: What is the difference — in 200 words or less?

If you’re looking to start a podcast, did you know that you need to understand the difference between form and structure? This piece guides you through everything you need to know about how to start a podcast. Read the article here.

Poynter | How to uncover out-of-context quotes

Learn how to look beyond out-of-context quotes that can misrepresent what the author said and what the article meant. Read more here.

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