The Guardian | The media needs to cover the climate crisis as seriously as it covered Covid

Journalism can play an important role in shaping the discourse around climate change and environmental destruction. This article highlights the importance of newsrooms and news organisations reporting on the climate crisis. Climate change as a beat cannot be viewed as a siloed beat of specialists but rather a beat that should be regularly covered by newsrooms. Read the article here.

Reuters Institute | Strategies for building trust in news

The Reuters Institute released a report that interviewed readers to find out what newsrooms and news publications can do to increase trust in the media. Reuters conducted surveys across four countries and asked a variety of questions including what readers say is likely to work (and not work) to rebuild their trust and where it has broken down. Read the report here

Monitor | New report puts journalists top on the list of rights abuse victims

The African Centre for Media Excellence has released a report that has found that journalists and media practitioners rank the highest on the list of victims of threats to freedom of expression. In Northern Uganda, journalists in the region are often targeted for covering sensitive topics such as land conflicts, human rights violations, corruption, politics and security. Read the article here

Media Update |  A guide to SEO in content writing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help an article appear higher up on Google search results and bring more readers to a publication’s website. But how can journalists write an article, that will rank highly on Google search? Media Update provides journalists with a guide on how to best write for SEO. Read the article here

The Fix Media | News podcasting goes paid

It has been widely established that there is a thirst for audio journalism and now news publishers are looking for ways to monetise and have more control over the distribution of their podcasts. Read the article here.

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