DW Akademie | The unprecedented rise in journalist slayings

Over the years there have been growing concerns about the safety of journalists. This week Shireen Abu Akleh, a veteran correspondent for Al Jazeera was shot whilst reporting in the West Bank, and two Mexican journalists, Yessenia Mollinedo and Sheila Johana Garcia were killed adding to the death toll of 11 Mexican journalists who have been killed this year alone. But what can be done to safeguard the safety of journalists?  Read the article here. 

News24 | Botswana journalists remain ‘vigilant’ under new surveillance law

In February this year, the government in Botswana tried to introduce a new law that would’ve allowed the government warrantless surveillance of communications. Journalists criticised the proposed bill in Botswana and Africa, with the outside pressure resulting in the government withdrawing the bill. However, journalists in Botswana are still on high alert. Read the article here. 

Nieman Lab | Browser extension can possibly fight misinformation 

NewsGuard is a journalism and technology tool that rates the credibility of news websites and tracks online misinformation. The NewsGuard extension provides people with a green or red rating for a site, with green indicating a trustworthy site. When a person googles a topic, the extension would send the user to a reliable site. Read the article here. 

Hold the front Page | Journalists urged to stop calling sex offenders ‘monsters’, ‘beasts’ and ‘paedos’

Language is central to journalism, and journalists for years have been told to report using neutral language. Rather than using words such as ‘monsters’ and ‘beasts’ when referring to sex offenders, journalists have been urged to describe offenders using factual words. Read the article here.

What’s New In Publishing | What I’ve learned from listening to 150+ publisher podcasts

Media analyst and podcaster Esther Kezia Thorpe shares lessons for publishers that she’s gained from hours of listening to over 150 podcasts. Starting a podcast may be relatively easy but this does not mean you should not do your research. It’s a detailed piece that will be useful to those keen on getting started in podcasting. Read the article here.

The Media Online | Diminishing choices in the post-Covid-19 mediascape 

As the world return to normalcy post-Covid, published are faced with difficult choices as consumer behaviour that was witnessed during the pandemic becomes a trend with no sign of easing. How can organisations get around this? Read the article here.

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