Media Update | The art of fact-checking

Misinformation, disinformation and mal-information are rampant online and pose a major threat to the credibility of news organisations. With so much information online, it has become difficult for readers to know what is real or false. This article provides practical tips on how readers can fact-check information online. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | A guide to navigating YouTube News Shorts

Shortform videos have taken the world by storm as seen in the success of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. YouTube, most popularly known for longer-form videos, now also has its own YouTube Shorts to take advantage of this growing trend. Publishers are using these to summarise stories of the day into bitesize content that breaks down interesting issues. This article offers ways of optimising it for newsrooms. Read it here. | Four steps to building an AI strategy for your newsroom

The pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI) for journalism have been hotly debated, with some newsrooms slowly implementing AI into the journalism structures and processes. But how can a newsroom responsibly implement AI into their newsroom? This article provides steps on how to build an AI strategy for a newsroom. Read the article here

Nieman Lab | Newsrooms are asking the wrong questions 

News organisations often miss what their audiences care about because they rely too often on a flawed approach to surveying and are asking the wrong questions. Read the article here.

Committee to Protect Journalists | Faces of impunity across the world

The Committee to Protect Journalists has released its 2023 Global Impunity Index which shows the countries where the murderers of journalists are most likely to go free. Somalia and South Sudan are the top countries on the African continent where impunity runs rampant. Find out which countries have joined the index and the emerging trends in crimes towards journalists. Read the article here

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