| Seven must-know Substack tips for journalists

Substack is a newsletter provider for writers looking to monetise their loyal readership. It has gained popularity with journalists in particular who no longer wish to affiliate with a single publication but want to leverage off their own following. An executive at Substack UK gives some useful ideas on how to better understand and use the platform. Read the article here

The Media Online | Notable threats against journalists marked on World Press Freedom Day

This week the world’s media organisations commemorated World Press Freedom Day on May 3. African journalists continue to face online and physical attacks, harassment and surveillance, editorial interference as well as fake news and mis/disinformation. In South Africa at least 59 incidents of such threats have been reported. Read the article here

Nieman Lab | Calendly is a great tool for journalists

Calendy is a convenient way for journalists and media professionals to schedule meetings. It cuts out the schlep of going back and forth via email trying to agree on a single meeting day. It alerts you when other Calendy users are free and you can slot them into your day. There are free and paid versions. Read the article here

Bloomberg | Facebook pulls the plug on podcast business 

Parent company Meta says the social media giant is giving up on podcasts after launching just a year ago in April. Podcasts will no longer be available from June 3 and the company will discontinue its short-form audio feature and pull the plug on its central audio hub. Read the article here.

Vox | Elon and the Twitter quitters

Twitter, once a space to share ideas and engage with like-minded individuals and famous people, has now degenerated into a platform that many of its first users barely recognise. As a result, over the years there has been a rising number of Twitter users dumping the app for other better-suited apps. This is the story of a few such users. Read the article here

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