Press Gazette | 1.2m subscribers propel The Economist to record revenue

The Economist has had a bumper year, reporting record revenue thanks to its growing subscriptions. Just over 52% of the publication’s subscribers are now digital-only. The paper’s readers are also opting for more annual subscriptions over monthly ones. The publication is proof that readers are more likely to pay for brands they trust and information they find credible. Read the article here | 10 key themes for the future of media

The Reuters Institute has published its annual Digital News Report for this year and the outlook for the media is quite stark. Some of the key takeaways are that news avoidance is worryingly high, trust in media continues to struggle and Gen Z audiences are turning to social media, TikTok in particular, for most of their news content. Read more insights here. 

Daily Maverick |  Does journalism have a place in contemporary society? 

As South Africa commemorated Youth Day on June 16, Daily Maverick spoke to young journalists about the future of their trade and its value in society. Read the article here.

Media Update | Why the everyday person should broadcast news

Perhaps it’s time that everyday people started broadcasting the news, says the writer of this piece. Doing so will ensure that more than one perspective is represented, it will be more authentic and it will be more accessible to the next person. Read the article here

The Big Smoke | Journalists outing themselves as biased – does anyone care?

Journalists have always been told to be neutral and impartial – however social media has disrupted journalism. Read the article here.

Press Gazette | Journalism has suddenly taken off on TikTok

At the beginning of the Ukraine and Russia war, many Ukrainians shared videos of leaving their homes and what was happening during the Russian evasion -– many of these stories were shared on TikTok. As a result, other media houses such as Vice News and Sky News followed suit and started sharing news on TikTok, the war gave many of these media houses a jumpstart on the platform. Read the article here 

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