Nieman Reports | Smart ways journalists can exploit artificial intelligence

The opportunities and risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) have been hotly debated by journalists and newsrooms. This article explains how Chatbots may reinvent the way news is written and how AI can help newsrooms connect with readers and reach new audiences. Read the article here. 

The Fix Media | 7 podcasting trends for news publishers

The latest Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s Digital News Report has shared some insights into the trends in the podcasting world that publishers need to pay attention to. Although the research was mostly focused on Western countries, there are areas that can be applied by African podcasters. Some of the takeaways are that publishers are monetising podcasts by bundling and that leading publishers keep investing in audio and podcasting. Read the article here.

The Conversation | Climate change journalism in South Africa misses the mark by ignoring people’s daily experiences

Climate change has increasingly become a topic that newsrooms and publications are reporting on. However, the way publications have been reporting on the topic does not encapsulate the day-to-day issues related to climate change. In South Africa, publications tend to focus on reporting on the short-term implications of climate change such as events, conferences and scientific papers without showing or explaining what the long-term effects of climate change will be. Read the article here. 

IJNET | This podcast platform is amplifying African voices

Podcasting in Africa has grown substantially as the medium becomes a popular source of news, information, and entertainment for listeners and as barriers to entry are lowered. Kenyan-based podcast hosting platform Afripods has been pivotal in putting African podcasters on the map. Read the article here.

Reporters Lab | Misinformation spreads, but fact-checking has leveled off

In its tenth annual consensus, the Reporters Lab has found that fact-checking appears to have ‘leveled off’ in most parts of the world, including in Africa, when compared to the early years when it was still taking off as a means of clamping down on misinformation. What is behind this trend? Read the article here.

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