Moneyweb | David vs Goliath – SA publishers are seeking compensation from Google, Facebook 

South African publishers are taking Google and Facebook to the Competition Commission. The tech giants have been accused of dominating the advertising industry and pushing out publishers resulting in these publishers losing out on revenue from advertising.  Read more here.

Poynter | Journalism isn’t who you are. It’s what you do

For some journalists, journalism has become a part of their identity and who they are, which can result in journalists being exploited. Journalists tend to overwork for the sake of wanting to get the story, which means long working hours, neglecting mental and physical health and leading to burnout. Equating one’s professional identity with personal identity is unhealthy as this article shows the importance of keeping these two identities apart. Read the article here. | Publishers must focus on audience needs

News organisations need to use audience data, in order to better understand audiences and better serve the needs of the audience. This article provides tips on how news organisations can tailor the news products and services to make the audience happy. Read the article here.

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What’s New In Publishing | 50 ways to make media pay

The current economic climate has, for a number of years, forced the media industry to think innovatively about how to increase revenue streams. What’s New In Publishing has identified 50 revenue-generating strategies that publishers can employ in their future plans. The report, which is titled ‘50 ways to make media pay’, is available for download and free to read. It offers valuable insights for journalists and media owners alike. Read more here.

International Journalists’ Network | Women in journalism: Insights from India and Nigeria

Two leading female journalists from Nigeria and India whose assignments often send them to conflict zones and volatile environments have shed light on the difficulties of carrying out their jobs as women in their field. Not only is the work dangerous but being women makes them even more vulnerable to targets. They shared their experiences and offered up tips on how they had overcome these challenges. Read the article here

Global Investigative Journalism Network | Tips for up-and-coming investigative journalists

Never has there been a time when the world needed investigative journalists as it does now. The rise of misinformation has necessitated the need for more skilled investigative journalists to plow through complex documents and expose the truth. But how does one get a foot into the door? In this guide, investigative reporters from around the world spell out how they broke into the industry and made a name for themselves and how you can too. Read the article here



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