The Fix Media | Paywalls’ impact on SEO: How publishers can minimise risk and maximise value

Paywalls have been touted as one of the best models to create revenue while also building an audience base today. Publishers around the world have taken up this strategy and for many, it is bearing fruit. But there are implications on the efficacy of search engine optimisation. Read about them here.

IJNET | What reporters should know about monkeypox

When reports about monkeypox started getting more coverage, the global community let out a collective sigh. We had just experienced 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fatigue and misinformation around it had reached an all-time high. Here is a guide to help journalists report about monkeypox in a way that reaches people and spreads awareness. Read the article here.

GIJN | Simple tips for verifying if a tweet screenshot is real or fake

How many times have you shared or seen an image that is so well-doctored that it appears to be real? Such is the ability of photo-editing apps today. To ensure that what you see on the internet is indeed fact, take a look at these tips for verifying images. Read the article here

INMA | Do readers want pure news or news + information in one place?

What do readers want? The answer is ever-evolving in this fast-paced information age. Publishers should consider that some readers are interested in more than just pure hard news. Read more here.

Columbia Journalism Review | The Washington Post has a Bezos problem

The Washington Post has garnered a reputation as one of the most revered publications in the world. But having one of the richest men in the world as its owner has muddied the waters according to this deep dive on billionaire Jeff Bezos and his technology empire – one of which is The Post. Read the article here

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