Quartz Africa | MTN Nigeria’s latest corporate social responsibility is to fund journalism

Under its corporate social responsibility arm, Africa’s largest telecommunications company MTN has committed to a media innovation programme. The academic programme will train journalists over a span of six months at its offices in Nigeria and South Africa. Although doubts have been raised, the group’s CEO pledges that the media fund seeks to support reporters not influence them. Read the full article here.

Mail & Guardian | Mia Malan: Eight lessons the Covid pandemic taught me about journalism

Award-winning health journalist and editor-in-chief of the Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism shares with us how the minefield of healthcare politics has not changed in the 20 years that she has been covering the beat. Although Covid did a number on the media industry worldwide, Malan says the journalism centre received a boost in trust, traffic and social media followers. She unpacks other important lessons from the pandemic. Read the article here

Media Update | Freelancers, this is how you can earn the big bucks

Many writers dream of becoming full-time freelancers but few understand how to play the game and what it really takes. From being in charge of your own finances and pitching articles to selling yourself to editors and publications, being a freelancer is not for everyone. For those who are freelancers or looking to give it a try, this article offers tips on how to ensure that you’re pricing your content at the right price.  Read the article here.

The Fix Media | No, subscriptions aren’t doomed

Despite streaming behemoth Netflix seeking its largest drop in subscribers in a decade and CNN+’s failure to launch, this is not a sign that relying on direct support from audiences is in trouble, says tech journalist David Tvrdon. Read the article here.

NiemanLab | CNN, Plus or Minus: The news network’s new streaming platform is dead, and that’s okay

The industry was stunned when incoming CNN CEO Chris Licht said he would can the streaming platform CNN+ on April 30 barely a month after its glorious launch. Critics have called it an embarrassing moment for the company which had managed to attract 150,000 paying subscribers – no small feat if you ask any publisher. This detailed article provides a detailed background of how the broadcasting giant landed in this position and why it isn’t such a terrible thing after all. Read the piece here

BusinessLIVE | Fighting back against the global information disorder

This article explores the impact that fake news, disinformation and misinformation have had. Read the article here.

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