| 30 mojo apps from BBC trainer Marc Blank-Settle

Journalists nowadays have become accustomed to using their mobile as an essential aid in their journalism. It is no longer an option but a must in this fast-paced era of social media. But which apps are best for reporters in the sea of choices that is out there? This guide by BBC trainer and mobile journalism expert Marc Blank-Settle offers guidance. Read the article here.

GIJN | How journalists can investigate on Telegram

Concerns over the privacy and security of messenger giant WhatsApp have seen the increasing rise of challenger apps such as Telegram and Signal. These apps can be a useful source of research if used correctly. This article offers a step-by-step guide on Telegram, why more journalists should get on it and how to make the most of the app. Read the article here

NiemanLab | Why won’t some people pay for news?

Convincing readers to pay for news has been a never-ending challenge for news publishers around the world since the migration to digital paywalls and subscription models. A study in the US has uncovered what causes the hesitancy and sometimes outright refusal of many readers to pay for news. Read the article here.

Bizcommunity | Local is lekker but free is king

The latest Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) figures for South African newspapers show that in the first quarter of 2022 local newspapers remained steady while free newspapers grew by 19%. ABC numbers also reflected a sharp rise in digital magazines. Read the article here

DW | Female investigative journalists in Africa face too much danger

Nigerian journalist Tobore Ovuorie uncovers the reality of female investigative journalists in her country and on the continent in general. The pursuit of the truth has come with dire consequences for both her private and professional life. For her though, it has been a risk worth taking. Read the article here.

Media Update | Four challenges revolutionizing journalism 

The journalism industry has seen dramatic changes with the advent of the internet, social media, fake news and citizen journalism. These and among others have changed journalism and the role of journalists. This article investigates the difficulties that journalists will be experiencing and helps to prepare them for this battle. Read the article here.

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