The Fix Media | Mistakes news organisations make

A good business model isn’t possible without people (assuming your model isn’t to flood the zone with AI-generated content – and I hope it isn’t). Media organisations are often bad at retaining talent. People get tired or burnt out and leave in pursuit of better-paid opportunities. Read the article here.

GIJN | Tips for planning and staying focused on an investigation

To avoid getting lost in a story, reporters need to take dedicated steps to plan their investigations — starting from the pre-story stages to the research, fieldwork, and publication of their investigation. Read the article here.

Columbia Journalism Review | The New York Times vs OpenAI

In late December, the New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its artificial intelligence software ChatGPT. The Times wants OpenAI to destroy any AI models, databases, and training data that were based on copyrighted material taken from the paper. Read the article here.

Nieman Lab | Which rights do AI and journalists have in common?

“The real question at hand is whether artificial intelligence should have the same right that journalists and we all have: the right to read, the right to learn, the right to use information once known.” Read the article here.

Poynter | Journalists, we need to rethink how we fight burnout

Here’s how to reframe it with more nuance and a personal toolkit to begin to address it. Read the article here.

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