Poynter | Twitter finally turns to the experts on fact-checking

The social media giant has buckled and is looking to team up with The Associated Press and Reuters to improve its fact-checking systems. Reuters and AP are signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network Code of Principles – a network by Poynter committed to promoting excellence in fact-checking. 

Twitter joins other social media networks such as Facebook and TikTok is taking a stance against the growing tide of fake news. The writer notes that while this arrangement will be beneficial to technology companies and to society, fact-checkers still need to be independent in order to be credible and effective. | Read more here.

Africa News | Reporting on children in the media course launches

A new course aimed at deepening the reporting skills of journalists covering children has been launched by Media Monitoring Africa in association with Unicef South Africa. The accredited course offers a range of free sessions for interested parties and will culminate in an assessment on September 4. 

The course will be held through 16 virtual seminars with 20 practising journalists as it unpacks how the media can better its coverage of children. | Read more here.

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NiemanLab | Membership Puzzle Project is winding down

The Membership Puzzle Project has announced that it will close its doors at the end of August. The director of the public research organisation said the project has planned the decision to wind down and that it was the right time to do so. Created in 2017 to distinguish the difference between membership and subscriptions, the organisation’s founders say it has now accomplished its mission in the industry. | Read the article here.

Reporters Without Borders | A resource platform on journalism safety

The organisation, in partnership with Unesco, has launched a safety resource platform for journalists on cybersecurity, Covid-19, mental health, physical security and legal information. The guide, which is available in English and Chinese, will be provided in addition to RSF’s rapid response assistance programme that offers support and protection to journalists and the media at large. Read more here.

Daily Monitor | Social media dialogue 

A dialogue on social media will be held virtually in Uganda, the dialogue aims to enhance digital democracy, free speech and online participation. The virtual conference will explore the best practices for digital cooperation and social media by bringing together relevant speakers and stakeholders who will share their insights and experiences.

The conference will also explore how digital technology can be used to foster democracy in a post-pandemic world, to motivate online participation and enable free speech. | Read more about this here

IJNET | Young Newsroom reports on social issues in Africa

HumAngle which was founded by two Nigeria journalists is a newsroom that has dedicated resources to covering conflict, migration and humanitarian issues in Nigeria and greater West Africa. The publication focuses on reporting on the voices and perspectives of the victims of conflict. | Read more about this here



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