NiemanLab | Media’s money problem

Pay transparency is at the heart of ensuring that journalists are paid fairly and equitably in an industry where jobs are fast disappearing and resources are under strain. Many reporters around the world are severely underpaid and this piece traces how bad the problem is and how the industry can address its evergrowing money problem. Read the article here

WAN IFRA | How to engage specific audiences

The era of tailoring content for specific content is here. Publishers can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. Learn how when choosing an audience you have to be very specific and why you need to think of your readers as your collaborators. Read the article here.

Washington Post | These women journalists were doing their jobs. That made them targets.

Journalists are increasingly under attack on the field and online but female journalists are further victimised in certain countries where their voices are not acknowledged. Hear first-hand from those in strict regimes about the difficulties of their chosen vocation and why they continue to do it anyway. Read the article here

Poynter | ChatGPT: Separating fact from fiction in the era of AI

By now we have all heard about the revolutionary ChatGPT and what it means for the world and the media in particular. Learn what is true and what is not in this guide on the artificial intelligence app. Read the article here

INMA | Newsrooms in the digital age: Are traditional news sections obsolete?

The way in which audiences consume news has changed yet many newsrooms still seem to be stuck on traditional news sections. Is this a bad thing or is it very much still a viable option in terms of production layouts? Find out more here

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