UNESCO | Killings of journalists up 50% in 2022

Eighty-six journalists and media workers were killed around the world in 2022 – one every four days, according to UNESCO data, highlighting the grave risks and vulnerabilities that journalists continue to face in the course of their work. Read the article here.

Journalism.co.uk | Journalists are among the least trusted people

According to the annual Trust Barometer report by international PR firm Edelman, journalists are amongst the least trusted groups of people, and news sources are still widely distrusted. Read the article here.  

Nieman Lab | Why whistleblowers’ trust in journalism is fading

Some of the most significant or ground-breaking stories over the years have been the result of whistleblowers, and since whistleblowers often initiate an interaction with journalists, their act is a leap of faith that requires significant trust in both the journalist individually and the professional standards and impact of the news media more generally. However, due to a decrease in trust in the media, whistleblowers are becoming reluctant in sharing information with journalists and news organisations. Read the article here. 

IJNET | Nigerian radio station raising awareness around injustice 

Crusaders Radio, an independent radio show, has focused on shedding light on civil and human rights abuses in Niger State. Through its reporting, the radio show has helped groups — especially the less privileged receive justice. During the independent radio show, which today has over 70,000 listeners, listeners submit complaints that are then discussed and resolved on air. Read the article here.

The Washington Post | A news site used AI to write articles. It was a journalistic disaster

The idea that AI bots can write articles and no one would spot the difference has sent chills down the spines of many in the industry. While this has been experimented with by the US publication CNET, its editors have acknowledged that human staff is now having to write corrections. It turns out robots aren’t that good at journalism either. For now at least. Read the article here.

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