Columbia Journalism Review | Why journalism analytics are so hard to interpret

Understanding data and metrics in journalism has been hotly debated this past year, whereby news organisations have said that data and metrics can help them understand their audiences and better serve their needs. However, this piece is contesting this idea that data can help improve journalism, that instead, data can pose several challenges for journalism. An interesting must-read. Read more here.

Committee to Protect Journalists | A number of journalists behind bars reaches global high

The number of journalists jailed around the world set another record in 2021 which has raised concern. This article is a round-up on countries where journalists have been harassed, jailed, and in some cases killed. Read the article here.

The Journalist’s Resource | Survival tips from Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, the co-founder of independent Philippine newsgroup Rappler who has been a champion for journalism and free press, has shared some insights on how the industry at large can ensure the safety of journalists. She also offered a few key considerations for journalists in a world that have become increasingly hostile to their work. Read the article here.

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What’s New In Publishing | Snapchat: A primer for publishers

Social media platform Snapchat offers a world of opportunities for publishers who are aware of how to take advantage of it. In Europe, publishers such Le Mond and Bild have jumped on the bandwagon and seen a great return on investment. The platform is not just for young teens and should not be seen as another TikTok, say experts. This piece gives advice on how publishers can use it to also monetise their content. Read the article here. | Tips to make the most out of any audio format

As social audio and podcasts see a boom in consumption worldwide, experts offer advice on how publishers can stay in the game and capitalise on this trend. They share tips that anyone in the media should keep in mind. Read the article here.  

NiemanLab Predictions for Journalism 2022 | A more normal news year?

NiemanLab is back with its annual predictions for journalism for the year ahead where the industry’s brightest minds give their perspective on what to expect. For Richard Tofel, 2022 will be the year where a more normal news year returns following six years of ‘abnormal news’. Will the industry be able to adapt and still offer compelling content? Read the article here. 

The Conversation | Mkuki na Nyota a Tanzanian publisher that stood its ground

Not many African countries have an independent publishing house, this article tells the story Mkuki Na Nyota, a Tanzanian publishing house that withstood the pressure and was able to remain independent. A feel-good story. Read the article here. 



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