| Innovation in journalism 

According to a report released by SembraMedia, independent media has more of social and political impact despite having a small budget. In this article two media startups: The Daily Maverick and El Surti explain their revenue models and how they have encouraged their readers to pay for content. A great read for media organisations that are wanting to introduce membership models. Read more here.

Ad Week | Using Data Journalism to drive subscriptions 

This is a great read for news organisations or publications wanting to implement a subscription model. The Washington Post has created a newsletter in an effort to boost its subscription figures. Read the article here.

Columbia Journalism Review | Journalism is a public good 

Over the years, journalism has experienced some challenges which have led to concerns about what the future of journalism is. Often journalists or people in the media industry have been tasked with having to solve these challenges. However, this article suggests that the crisis facing journalism should not only be fixed by people in the media industry, it should be a societal responsibility. Read the article here.

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NiemanLab Predictions for Journalism 2022 | Leave fact-checking to the fact-checkers

The NiemanLab predictions for journalism in 2022 continue with this interesting take on fact-checking, one of the emerging trends in newsrooms over the last few years. The writer raises the question of who the audience of journalistic fact-checking is for and argues that sometimes the best coverage is no coverage at all. It’s likely to be a polarising view. Read the article here. 

What’s New In Publishing | The hybrid work model: What publishers should prepare for

The hybrid working model is not going anywhere anytime soon and as this piece explores, publishers will have to learn to be flexible when it comes to this approach of working. However, this will come with a myriad of challenges for employees and publishers alike. Read the article here.

IJNET | A new wave of environmental journalism is raising awareness in Africa

Issues of climate change have been historically under-reported on the continent but there has been a new wave of journalists taking up this beat and raising awareness and understanding of how the issue affects the continent. Read the article here. 



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