IJNET | Are you an independent journalist? Here are income streams to consider

If you’re an independent journalist or freelancer and you’re looking for an extra way to make an income, this piece has tips that include private lessons, online courses, email newsletters as well as selling digital products and memberships. For details, read the article here

Nieman Lab | A resource for journalists on thorny topics

Vox Media has produced a handy new resource to help journalists find solutions to ever-changing challenges around languages. The Language, Please platform has compiled a list by industry leaders of definitions, notes on usage, and more. Read the article here.

Columbia Journalism Review | On the grim news cycle, and shutting it out

A recent finding by the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2022 has found that news avoidance is on a sharp rise globally. Reflecting on this concerning trend, Jon Allsop speaks to fellow journalists and unpacks the reasons and consequences for the media. Read the article here.  

Global Investigative Journalism Network | Tips for optimising Google search in investigations

‘So you think you can Google?’ was the title of a GIJN webinar hosted by open source expert Henk van Ess that sought to show journalists how the search engine often ignores basic instructions and favours more popular terms through its algorithm. The session offers invaluable advice on how to force Google to return exactly the information you’re looking for. Read the article here.  

WAN-IFRA | How to convert paywall avoiders into loyal subscribers

This is the dilemma facing digital publishers today. But there is a way around it as the film and television industry has come to prove. Read the strategies here.  

The Cable | Will machines replace journalists too?

There is no shortage of articles about the demise of journalism. Over the years, what we’re seeing more of is the reinvention of news as influencers, bloggers and advertising companies enter the space and compete for market share. However, the threat remains but it need not be all bad as machines can aid overstretched reporters and underresourced newsrooms. Read the article here.

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