Nieman Lab | Journalists should be looking for undocumented APIs

An application programming interface is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. For journalists, finding an undocumented API can be the key to allowing journalists to do an investigation by finding public access to data.  Read the article here. 

Foreign Policy | Chinese propaganda campaigns target African media  

According to Foreign Policy, China has used a variety of techniques and tactics to tweak its propaganda for African audiences. Read the article here. 

Global Investigative Journalism Network | Challenges investigative journalists face when crossing borders 

Crossing borders can be a nightmare for investigative journalists, particularly in Africa, where reporters are sometimes subject to arbitrary detention or ominous demands for bribes by customs officers. Read the article here. 

Voice of America | Two Togo journalists in hiding sentenced for ‘insults’

Ferdinand Ayite and Kokou Kouwonou, also known as Isidore Kouwonou, respectively director and editor of the biweekly publication l’Alternative, were charged in December 2021 with public contempt of authority and propagating falsehoods on social media. On Wednesday, a court in the capital, Lome, sentenced Ferdinand Ayite and Isidore Kouwonou to three years in prison and handed down a $4,900 fine to each of them. Read the article here.  

International Journalism Network | Four affordable transcription tools for journalists

IJN has created a list of affordable transcription tools for journalists. Read the article here. 

WAN IFRA | Maria Ressa: Quality journalism cannot survive on social media

Maria Ressa, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize joint winner and director of the Philippines’ top digital agency Rappler, speaks on the power of social media in the country, its impact on journalism, the death of democracy and how she deals with ongoing threats to her life. Read the article here.

INMA | Lessons in reader revenue wins

Three global media companies shared the strategies they used to achieve revenue growth and acquire new audiences. These include Podme, a fast-growing Scandinavian youth platform, which reaches a younger audience than the typical newspaper subscriber base. Read the article here.

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