IJNET | How to make a profit in the modern media landscape 

When it comes to running a media outlet, understanding business strategies is just as important as producing high-quality journalism. Informing, educating and holding the powerful accountable may be at the core of the profession, but profitability is what ensures its continued existence. Read the article here

Voice of America | Journalist’s trial renews concern about Nigeria’s Cybercrime Law 

Nigeria Cybercrime Law mandates a prison term of up to three years or a fine of N7,000,000 for knowingly sending a false message online, to cause annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred, ill will or needless anxiety to another. Journalists and media organisations in the country have raised concerns about the fact that it can be used to silence journalists and dissidents. Read it here.

International News Media Association | Data has much to teach news publishers about news avoidance

Publishers around the world are faced with the challenge of how to find and keep audiences engaged. Social media platforms and and stiff competition in the information age are one thing but readers themselves are avoiding news altogether raising the stakes for publishers. Understanding data can help organisations better understand this issue. Read more here

UNESCO | In the shadow of violence: the pressing needs of Sudanese journalists

Sudan’s two warring factions remain locked in a deadly power struggle after more than six months of fighting. As a result of the conflict, thousands have been killed and millions of Sudanese have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries such as Chad, Egypt, and South Sudan, including dozens of journalists. Most Sudanese media outlets have stopped broadcasting altogether due to ongoing fighting, frequent electricity cuts and damage to the communication infrastructure. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | How to practise community-centred journalism

What is community-centred journalism and what is its impact? A new report delves into this “people-centered” approach and its benefits for journalism. Read it here



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