The Fix Media | Five manageable ways to introduce solutions journalism to your newsroom

Solutions journalism is quietly growing in popularity and journalists and newsrooms have to find ways to integrate it into their reporting. At its essence, it means reporting on the solutions to problems previously covered. To find out how read the article here.

INMA | Here are 5 ways for media publishers to prepare for Web 3.0

Publishers need to gear up for the fast-changing world of media and the Innovation in Media 2022/23 World Report provides a forecast of what lies ahead – Web 3.0. To prepare for this new frontier, attention must be paid to newsletters, the evolution of audio, artificial intelligence and news, retention paywalls, and data visualisation. Read the article here.  

IJNET | How reporters can stay safe covering Nigeria’s separatist conflicts

Separatists in Nigeria have been known to intimidate journalists in the country, even sending them death threats. Hear from reporters who have experienced this firsthand and find out how to deal safely with this dangerous environment without putting yourself in harm’s way. Read the article here

Columbia Journalism Review | Obi Anyadike on covering climate in the Global South

Obi Anyadike, the Africa editor for the New Humanitarian, speaks about the hunger crisis emerging in East Africa and what he’d like to see in how the West covers the Global South. He also raises the important issue of journalists following up on the subjects they cover after the initial story, something we rarely see. Read the article here.

GIJN | 5 must-see films about investigative journalism from 2022

As the week winds down and we head into the weekend, here are a few films about investigative journalism that are a must-see this year. Read more here

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