The Fix Media | Advanced search: how to dig using search engines 

Even though today’s journalists have an easier time researching information thanks to the likes of Google and social media, the sheer amount of information can be daunting. There is a way to effectively use search engines to dig out useful information. This advanced search guide is a must-read for reporters. Read it here. | 12 essential self-taught journalism skills

As the media industry evolves, so do the abilities of the modern journalist. While investing in yourself is key, it does not always have to be complicated. One should not be intimidated by the prospect of upskilling oneself if the funds are not available. There are plenty of free resources out there to train yourself at your own pace. There are a few listed in this article. Read it here.

IJNET | Tips for journalists reporting on Ebola

Recent outbreaks of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda have prompted concerns about the return of the virus and the ability to contain it. As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, this becomes fertile ground for fake news and misinformation to spread. Here are tips on how journalists can stay safe and cover the outbreak in a responsible manner. Read the article here.

NiemanLab | How risky is it for journalists to cover protests?

Covering protests can be dangerous for journalists who put themselves in the firing line of angry rioters and face potential threats from a media-weary public. But it is an essential part of getting a story as it allows reporters to get opinions of those on the ground. Read about how it can affect journalists here.

What’s New In Publishing | Publishers: Best registration wall examples of 2022

We’ve all heard of paywalls and their drive to grow subscribers, but registration walls are emerging as another way to convert occasional readers into registered users and then in time to paying subscribers. There are a number of news organisations that exemplify how to best make use of it. Read the article here.

Voice of America | Study: South Africa resilient to Chinese attempts to influence media 

A recent study by a think tank has found that South African media has managed to resist the influences of the Chinese government. The study titled ‘Beijing’s Global Media Influence 2022’ found that the South African public was generally quite sceptical of Chinese state narratives. Read the article here

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