Nigerian Sketch | ‘Brown envelope’ journalism in Africa and how to combat it

Brown envelope journalism is when journalists are bribed by people in powerful positions who want to influence the type of stories that are being written. The working conditions for some journalists in Africa are dire – with many receiving poor salaries, working low hours, and being overwhelmed with work. As a result of these conditions, journalists feel pressured to accept money. But how can these issues be addressed? Read the article here.

Vox | The hottest trend on TikTok? In-depth analysis.

TikTok has become the fastest growing and increasingly more popular social network in recent years. Its appeal is the short-form video clips, many of which comprise humour, dance challenges and other light-hearted content. But the platform has also seen the rise of TikTok creators who are taking on social commentary in longer format videos. This piece unpacks how in-depth analysis is taking shape on the social network. Read the article here.

IJNET | Newsletters for crisis reporting: How to start and succeed

In a recently hosted ICFJ Global Crisis Reporting Forum webinar, Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin shared insights on how he launched and has managed to sustain his newsletter, the West African Weekly, while in exile. Less than a year old, the newsletter analyses issues impacting West African nations. Read the article and watch the webinar here.

Media Update | How publications can stay relevant in the media industry

City Press editor-in-chief Mondli Makhanya has steered the publication through an increasingly challenging and competitive industry as well as an unfavourable economic climate. He is revered in South African media and knows better than anyone what it takes for a publication to remain relevant with consumers and create a legacy brand. He shares his secrets to success in this must-read interview. Read the article here.

The Guardian | Wave of killings highlights perils of journalism in Mexico

At least eight journalists have been killed this year in Mexico, with many journalists concerned about their safety. This article tells the story of Alfonso Margarito Martínez Esquivel, a photojournalist who was brutally murdered outside of his home. Read the article here.

Poynter | How journalists and news organizations can measure their distance from neutrality

Neutrality is at the core of journalism. Reporting or writing articles needs to be written from a position of neutrality, however, this can be challenging for journalists. Poynter provides individuals and organisations with a guide on how to measure their distance from neutrality.  Read the article here. 

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