The Fix Media | How to audit your newsroom for audience listening

How do you know what your audience’s needs are and what they require from your publication? Are you as a newsroom reaching them and engaging with them? This guide offers advice on how to improve or implement audience listening in your newsroom. Read the article here

WAN IFRA | Gender in newsrooms: why representation doesn’t equate to inclusion

Award-winning evidence-based storyteller Luba Kassova, speaks to one of the rising female editors in South African newsrooms, Qaanitah Hunter, about progress made in balancing the gender scales in the media and her personal experiences of being a young, female journalist. Read the article here.

Nieman Lab | What a yarn! Journalists are turning to crochet to tell data stories

Some journalists are picking up yarn and crochet hooks to create tactile works of data visualisation. Read the article here. 

IJNET | Five note-taking apps for journalists

Journalists often work under tight deadlines and need convenient ways to map out their ideas and stories. There are several note-taking apps that can help streamline this process by providing alternatives to bulky folders, enabling alarm reminders for projects and facilitating user-friendly interfaces, among other benefits. Read the article here.

What’s New In Publishing | Publishers: How to calculate CPM vs RPM for website monetization

Getting around media jargon can be tricky. What do CPM and RPM mean? And how can understanding these terms help drive the strategy for monetizing your website? Learn how to utilise these terms to your publication’s benefit. Read the article here.

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