Wired | How Threads could kill Twitter

Meta’s microblogging platform, set to take on Twitter, has already been downloaded by millions of users who are seeking an alternative to the Elon Musk-owned social network which many users have left ditched over the years. The early feedback has been that it Threads could be a real challenger and may be here to stay beyond the current hype. Read the article here.

Nieman Lab | Out of touch, but inspiring? Journalists on academic research

A survey has found that journalists cannot relate to academic research or incorporate it into their work. While they respect academic work and deem it important, journalists “often find it irrelevant, impractical, or inaccessible”. Find out what other highlights came out of the Nieman Lab survey. Read more here.

Committee to Protect Journalists | CPJ calls for Zimbabwe president to reject ‘Patriot Bill’ threatening critical journalism

The global journalism body has compelled Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa not to sign the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Amendment Bill, commonly called the ‘Patriot Bill’, which will criminalise “any meeting or communication between a Zimbabwean citizen or permanent resident and foreign governments or their agents”. They believe it will jeopardise the work of journalists and could see them risk imprisonment for doing their work. Read the article here

News24 | Victory for amaBhungane and journalism, but Moti is planning more action

A judge in South Africa has overturned an earlier interdict against amaBhungane in the latest battle between businessman Zunaid Moti’s Moti Group and the investigative journalism body. While the media industry in the country widely hailed the ruling, Moti executives have vowed that they will not take the ruling lying down. Read the article here.   

Creative Boom | How to win over journalists with your next pitch email

For sources and people who work in public relations, pitching to journalists is no easy task. Chasing down deadlines and juggling tasks, getting their attention can be challenging. Here is a guide on how to pitch to journalists successfully. Read the article here

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