The Fix Media | How media companies are approaching Threads – experience of three newsrooms

Meta’s social media platform Threads has taken the world by storm with 109 million users signed up in the seven days since its launch. Among these users are most of the world’s top news organisations. Faced with this new avenue, hear how media companies are taking to Twitter’s new rival. Read more here.

Global Investigative Journalism Network | 4 common angles data journalists use to tell stories

Here is a guide on how to make the most of your data when telling a story. These common story angles will help you identify your story idea when you’re faced with a large amount of data. Read the article here

WAN IFRA | The frustrating challenge of advancing women in news

The World Association of News Publishers has over the last three years tracked and reported on the editorial content of 29 media companies to extract what the balance of women in the news is. What they found was that efforts to improve the gender balance did not improve between 2020 and 2023. Read the article here

Daily Maverick | A new slant on news — covering the many humanitarian crises, making an impact

Salaamedia is a Johannesburg-based company whose focus is humanitarian journalism. They report on crises that affect people and not just those that are newsworthy. Hear from the reporters who are on the ground. Read the article here

Washinton Post | That dangerous TikTok trend on the news? It’s fake.

In what one Harvard educator calls “a very lucrative bogeyman”, TikTok has been used to prey on parents’ fears about teen trends on social media. Recently, there have been a number of fake challenges reported on by the news media and attributed to the social media platform spreading fear and in fact spreading misinformation. Find out about this concerning trend here.

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