WAN-IFRA | What should a CMS look like today?

Content Management Systems have come a long way as digital publishing has evolved and become more sophisticated in its offering. This new report delves into the requirements of a modern CMS. One of the key takeaways is that for content producers and journalists, it has to be a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to enrich content. It also has to fit into your editorial workflow and publishing strategy. Read the article here.

Daily Maverick | The commodification of news

This article explores how news has become a commodity that has had a negative impact on journalists. News is being treated as merchandise which has resulted in groups or bodies controlling what the media says and this defeats the purpose of journalism. Journalism needs to be objective, however, the commodification of media has smothered the role of journalism. Journalists and journalism play a crucial role in upholding democracy, however, with news being viewed as a commodity, it means some views are silenced. Great and insightful read. Read here.

Voice of America | The dangers of journalism

Journalists often face harassment, abuse, and intimidation, and in some instances, journalists have lost their lives. Tordue Salem was a parliamentary journalist for The Vanguard. The Nigerian journalist had been missing for 28 days and in November his family found out that he had been killed. Salem is one of many Nigerian journalists who have been threatened, abused, and lost their lives as a result of doing their jobs. Salem’s death raises further concern about the dangers of being a journalist particularly in countries that limit media freedom. Read the article here.

Journalism.co.uk | Five tips for an aspiring media innovator

Breaking into the media space as an entrepreneur can be tough, frustrating and some may not know where to start. However, this article gives lessons and tips on how to improve your business and create new products and services. Read the article here.

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IJNET | How to make solutions journalism a part of a news outlet’s DNA

In an industry that has been ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, solutions journalism has emerged as one of the winners of the past year. Solutions journalism notes a problem, investigates it, and seeks detailed solutions to it. This is how Nigeria Health Watch made the most of the global crisis. They shared tips on how newsrooms can report on solutions. Read the article here

GIJN | 9 leadership tips for women in investigative journalism

How do women in journalism rise to the top of the ranks in their respective newsrooms? A recent webinar spoke to several award-winning investigative journalists on steps to take to move further. Some of the highlights include avoiding the lone wolf stereotype, seeking out other women editors and leaders, and reaching out for support. You don’t have to feel isolated, there are other women journalists in the same position as you. Read the article here

Voice of America | Journalists in Sudan fight back

On 25 October 2021, the Sudanese military took control of the government in a military coup. Since the military took control of the country, media advocacy groups say that they have documented instances of excessive force used against reporters and media houses. Sudanese journalists have taken to the streets to protest against the military and appeal to the military to uphold the media freedoms of journalists. Read the article here.

Namibia Media Trust | A handbook for media educators 

Teaching Media Policy in Africa is a handbook that will help educators and take them through the process of media policy creation. Read the full document here.



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