NiemanLab | Defining what is meant by ‘subscribers’

The term is often bandied about in the media but what exactly do we mean when we talk of subscribers? This piece looks at the difference between paying subscribers and email subscribers. When companies boast about their numbers it is important that they are clear about whether these are paying customers or users who have signed up for a newsletter. US publication, Punchbowl News, raised eyebrows recently when they misrepresented how many paying subscribers they actually had. Read more here.

Poynter | Get paid what you are worth

It can be exciting to get a job offer in the highly competitive journalism industry. However, before you say yes to that promising job offer it is crucial to understand in which band your remuneration package should be. You will need to flex your negotiation muscles and this piece offers some tips on how to do that. Read the article here.

What’s New In Publishing | Reinventing your print publishing business for digital

The rise of digital news can no longer be disputed and many print publications with a strong value offering have been able to successfully make the transition while still retaining their physical print presence. This piece offers some useful lessons for publishers on how to keep reinventing and innovating for the digital future. Read the article here.

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Media Update | Five social media trends to look out for in 2022

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta and we can expect to see new trends emerge in the social media landscape in the new year. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok has taken the world by storm and will continue to make waves. This is the result of the rise of short-form video, which we will continue to see more of as newsrooms also jump on this bandwagon for sharing bite-sized news. Read more on what to look out for in 2022 here.

IJNET | What journalism schools should teach about freelancing

Freelancing has become increasingly popular as the coronavirus showed that work can be done effectively and efficiently from anywhere. Many more journalists are seeking opportunities to become freelancers but the jump is not as easy as it seems. This piece lays out a case for journalism teaching institutions having programmes that outline how to navigate the freelancing landscape before students enter the industry. Read the article here.



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