GIJN | Freelancing survival tips for investigative reporters

Freelance investigative journalists from around the world gathered a the recent Global Investigative Journalism Conference and shared advice on how to approach the sometimes challenging arena of freelancing from pitching well to getting self-promotion right. Read the article here

WAN IFRA | Paying for news: price and value under the spotlight

As consumers around the globe struggle with the increasing cost of living, non-essentials such as paying for news inevitably face the chop. So how can media publishers navigate this challenge as the industry itself battles to find various sources of revenue? Read the article here.

Nieman Storyboard | When journalism is emptied of journalism

Journalism is more than just content, says a veteran journalist for a local American newspaper. He argues that the language and words we use to describe journalism today have emptied the profession of its credibility, creativity and professionalism. Find out what he means here

IJNET | Across Africa, journalists increasingly must navigate internet shutdowns

Limiting internet access hinders the ability of journalists to reach their audiences, as many news outlets exist predominantly online. While some African governments claim that these restrictions help maintain security and combat the spread of mis- and disinformation, journalists say these shutdowns are in fact meant to restrict the flow of information. Read the article here | Finding purpose for AI in the newsroom

Generative AI has brought an explosion of possibilities but news organisations need to focus on applications that serve audiences, workflows and bottom lines. Read the article here.

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