The Washington Post | For ransomware gangs, journalists are another tool of the trade

Journalists reporting on ransomware gangs are being used to advance the goals of the criminals. In a bid to expose them, they end up giving free PR and being tricked and manipulated by the cyber gangs. Learn how the gangs are doing it, what they really want and how journalists can remain ahead of the game. Read the article here.

Ventureburn | Tech for good: start-ups drive change across Africa

Tech companies are beginning to see the potential of the continent by setting up offices and pumping money into start-ups that are making a positive change in people’s lives and driving innovation in a number of industries. Find out how, read the article here.

Poynter | A tale of two sites fighting for survival

Take a look at the challenges that face digital entrepreneurs around the world as two local news sites in the US confront the future as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist in the media space today. Read the article here.

IJNET | Tips to make your visual journalism more accessible

Content on the internet is increasingly visually appealing and includes a diversity of different mediums such as video, audio and memes/gifs. Here are some ways that journalists and content producers can make sure stories reach their audiences in a more visually appealing way. Read the article here. | The role and the risks of solutions journalism for climate reporting

There has been a uptake in climate reporting over the years but how can journalists include solutions in their reporting on climate change? This article provides tips on how journalists can report on climate change whilst offering solutions. Read the article here.

Global Investigative Journalism Network | Understanding the impact of journalism inside authoritarian regimes

Conditions for journalists in authoritarian countries are challenging and often dangerous. Dariela Sosa, a Venezuelan journalist talks about her experiences and the challenges of working in a country where the government restricts movement, silences those who are critical of the state and regularly uses physical harm. Read the article here

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