Reuters Institute | Focus on the humans, not the robots

Reuters Institute interviewed Garance Burke, a global investigative journalist with the Associated Press who led the development of the artificial intelligence chapter in the latest edition of the AP stylebook. Garance spoke about how journalists can improve their coverage of these new technologies based on these guidelines. Read more here.

Media Update | The pros and cons of being a freelance journalist — a 2023 update

A couple of years ago, newsrooms were packed with journalists, but the pandemic forced many news organisations to close down or reduce their staff. As a result, more journalists have become freelancers. Media Update has created a list of advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance journalist. For journalists thinking about freelancing, this list can be of use. Read the article here.

GIJN | How video can help investigative storytelling reach new audiences

As much as podcasts are mainly audio products, audiences are increasingly engaging with podcasts that also have a video element. Consumers are interested in seeing the host and their subjects and this opens up an opportunity for journalists to share their compelling investigative pieces on visual podcasts. Read the article here

The Fix | Four best transcription tools for journalists

For journalists, listening and transcribing audio interviews is time-consuming, however, there are a variety of free transcription tools for journalists to make their reporting easier and quicker. Read the article here. | How to get the most out of work experience

This piece offers some guidance for young journalists looking to make an impression during an internship or use a work placement to get their foot through the industry door. Read the article here

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