Poynter | Are you thinking of being a freelance journalist?

This is a great article for a journalist who is thinking of transitioning into being a freelance journalist. The author writes about her experience as a journalist and how she found the first month challenging. The article provides first-hand insights on how to transition. One of the concerning aspects of being a freelancer is finances and making enough money to support oneself and a family. This article tackles that and other challenges. Read the article here.

African Center for Strategic studies | Disinformation on the rise in Africa 

There is an increase in digital disinformation in African countries. This article explores how political parties and governments have weaponised disinformation to support a specific idea or political message. The article breaks down how different countries’ governments have weaponised disinformation. This is a must-read and provides detailed information on how disinformation works particularly on the African continent. Read the article here.

Journalism.co.uk | Newsletters to drive reader revenue

The article is great for news publications that are trying to increase their reader revenue. It provides insights into how the online news publisher Quartz managed to increase its reader revenue. Quartz breaks down the different types of revenue models it has had in the last three years and how newsletters have surprisingly driven their reader revenue. Read the article here.

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Al Jazeera | In journalism, language matters

In this piece, the writer claims that Western media often uses language that portrays Western society as more moral, responsible and civilised than others, when in fact it is as guilty of the same offenses that it accuses other societies of. He argues about the importance of language and words in journalism. Read the article here.

Nieman Lab | How news publishers are turning casual readers into paying subscribers

High-interest news events such as elections and the Covid-19 pandemic tend to lure infrequent readers. The question is how can publishers capitalise on these users and retain them as loyal readers and subscribers? Looking at a report from IMNA, this piece explores how to convert such readers into paying members of your platform. Read the article here. 

The Media Online | How commercial radio is spreading the ‘get vaxxed’ message

South Africa’s commercial broadcasting sector has strongly supported the government’s ‘get vaccinated’ message. As the country exits the third wave of the pandemic and heads towards the festive season, this article unpacks how various radio stations around the country are launching campaigns to encourage vaccinations and bust myths about the virus. Read the article here. 



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