Poynter | Can ChatGPT fact-check? We tested.

Poynter went out on a quest to find out whether fact-checkers should be worried about ChatGPT taking their jobs. And the answer is: not yet. It can actually be used as a tool to help fact-checkers. Read the article here

GIJN | Questions every journalist should ask when covering cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is still understood by a few if the scams that abound are anything to go by. Over the years, journalists have made some errors in their reporting and this piece offers some guidance on mistakes to avoid when covering stories about cryptocurrencies. Read the article here.

INMA | Newsrooms grapple with the biggest story of our time: climate change

Find out from a journalist and filmmaker who has been covering climate change why climate change is no longer just a niche story and how newsrooms must adapt. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | Misinformation, media retractions and evolution of social media editors 

This piece explores three research papers that delve into some of the important issues facing the media today. Learn about the prevalence of misinformation, how people perceive media retractions, and the rise of the social media editor position in newsrooms today. Read the article here

WAN IFRA | Want new, engaged and young readers? Make them play!

The gamification of news is the key to attracting and retaining young, new readers, according to this report. Read more here.

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