Forbes | Are influencers the new journalists? 

Have the lines between influencers and reporters blurred? This article delves into how journalists are quickly becoming influencers. Journalists have always been viewed as individuals with a large following and trusted by the public, but interestingly the same could be said of influencers, they too have a large following and are trusted. Read the article here.

Business Insider | Media outlets’ bias reporting of monkeypox

Despite monkeypox cases having been reported across at least a dozen European and North American countries this month, media outlets have been using images of black people to report on cases of monkeypox. Africa’s foreign press association has condemned these media outlets stating that this way of reporting will continue to perpetuate negative stereotypes of Africa. Read the article here. 

African Business | Giving Africa a creative voice in the digital era

Digital media has been championed across the African continent, with media makers, journalists and digital supporters stating that the digital era will allow for new and more content to be created. However, this article raises a very interesting point: despite the opportunities that digital media offers, we should be wary as these technology innovations and Big Tech companies originate outside Africa and could come with the very real threat of cultural imperialism. Read the article here.

Modern Ghana | Journalists in Africa are struggling and depressed

Journalists in Africa need support in order to produce good quality content. Journalists face a myriad of challenges such as low pay, poor working conditions, and lack of media freedom, and these all are contributing factors to the poor quality of work. Read the article here. 

IJNET | Zimbabwe’s MISA launches alert button for journalists in distress

In light of the relentless attacks, threats, and harassment of journalists in the country, the Zimbabwean chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa has launched an alert button for journalists in emergency situations. The button aims to offer immediate assistance and offer legal help. Read the article here

Reuters Institute | How African journalists are embracing solutions journalism

The US-based Solutions Journalism Network has set out to spread knowledge and teach the practice of solutions journalism in Africa. Explore how African journalists have risen to the challenge. Read the article here

BBC | Plan to deliver a digital-first BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation has announced its plan to create a digital-first media organisation. These plans include cutting around 1,000 jobs and ceasing to broadcast certain channels. Read the article here

Media Update | Four tips for creating the perfect personal website

Being a freelancer requires consistently networking and increasing your visibility to ensure you stand out and secure the gig. But before you pitch yourself, make sure that you have a portfolio and website that can increase your chances. Here are a few tips to make your website memorable. Read the article here.

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