Nigerian Fact-checkers’ Coalition | An open letter to Nigerian politicians 

As Nigeria prepares to head into the 2023 national elections, the country’s fact-checkers have penned an open letter to its politician pledging its commitment to fair and non-partisan reporting. The group says it favours no political party or candidate and will be monitoring the elections closely to ensure that it dispels any misinformation schemes by politicians and in the media. Read the article here

Nieman Lab | Why news consumers experience crisis fatigue

When consumers are flooded with a barrage of news, most of it bad, they tend to experience what has been referred to as crisis fatigue. Now more than ever, we have a variety of distractions all calling for our attention. This article looks at how the media can draw back the eyes of its audiences and drive them towards meaningful engagement. Read the article here. | Tips for producing short-form and long-form audio journalism

Audio journalism has become much more mainstream in recent years thanks to the rise of podcasts. In a crowded market, how do you ensure that your content stands out and is listened to? Find out how best to go about it whether it is long-form or short-form audio. Read the article here.

GIJN | 10 tips for founding a successful investigative startup

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to launch a media company, this guide offers useful advice from Pulitzer prize-winning Mexican investigative journalist Alejandra Xanic who created Quinto Elemento Lab. Read the article here.

Daily Maverick |  Iqbal Survé’s IOL makes up a ‘journalist’ to further attack truth

South African media owner Iqbal Survé continues to tarnish the credibility of the once-respected Independent Group as Daily Maverick has discovered in its latest investigation. It has been revealed that Survé – in a series of ongoing attacks against the Daily Maverick – has fabricated a fictitious journalist to fight his attacks against his opponents. It is a new low for the already tarnished media group. Read the article here.  

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