The East African | African journalists fight for space amid terrorism, suppression

Journalists from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and other parts of Africa are raising awareness about the safety concerns of journalists. Journalists from these countries have reported how they have been harassed by their governments whilst reporting on a story. Read more about it here

Al Jazeera | Algeria law ‘controlling media’ close to passing

Algerian parliament’s lower house approved the bill last month which includes forcing journalists to reveal their sources and a ban on media organisations receiving foreign funds. Read the article here.

The Media Online | Zimbabwe prioritises the safety of journalists

Journalists in Zimbabwe face a myriad of challenges such as harassment, mental health and physical security, however, journalists in the country have convened to take steps to ensure their safety. Read the article here. 

The Media Update | Content repurposing: a saving grace

Content repurposing is also known ascontent recycling. As the term suggests, it is the practice of reusing your content or some elements of it to increase the reach of that content. A piece of content can be transformed into an image, infographic, video, or simply used as it is for repurposing. Read the article here.

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