IJNET | YESEO, a new tool for newsrooms that improves SEO 

YESEO is an app that helps newsrooms write their headlines which helps improve their rankings on Google’s Search page. Read the article here.

WAN IFRA | Audience needs at core of Daily Maverick’s radical transformation

The CEO and co-founder of the award-winning South African news publication shared at the recent World News Media Congress how they launched the website and employed staff at a time when most media companies were downsizing. He speaks about their growth strategy and strategically aligning the newsroom. Read the article here.  

Reuters Institute | Empowerment Journalism: A model for reporting on women in climate-smart agriculture

The model of Empowerment Journalism incorporates eight conceptual pillars, including analysing power dynamics, control over lives and resources, sustainable development, and giving meaning to lives. By embracing this model, newsrooms can train reporters to cover the empowerment process of women in climate-smart agriculture, while international organisations and women farmers’ associations can empower women farmers to share their own stories. Read the article here

Journalism.co.uk | How Reuters uses AI to speed up discoverability of video news content

Reuters Connect is a new AI-powered feature that allows journalists to quickly find people and moments in Reuters videos, which helps speed up editing and publishing processes. The tech also applies automated time-coded, speech-to-text transcripts, translation and identification of public figures. Metadata also makes it easier to discover and license Reuters content that can be auto-published to a chosen platform, saving journalists time. Read the article here

Press Gazette | Telegraph Media Group nears 1 million subscribers

The UK’s Telegraph says it is on track to reach 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. The company reported increased profits despite a decline in print advertising and an increase in print and digital subscriptions. Read more here.

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