IJNET | 3 predictions for media in 2024

In a recent ICFJ Crisis Reporting Forum session, Nic Newman, senior research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, discussed trends and predictions for journalism in the next year. He outlined the findings from a research report he published with the Reuters Institute that dives into likely media trends in the upcoming year, specifically around technology. Read the article here.

Journalism.co.uk | Transparency on the price of journalism

Subscribers like digital offers, joining a community or supporting independent news. But new research indicates what really gets them over the line is the right combination of appeals. Read the article here.

The Fix Media | Behind the ballot: Covering elections for 2024

Covering elections is said to be the “political desk’s golden hour.” Nic Newman’s 2024 predictions also state that covering elections “will provide a temporary boost to traffic.” Yet for all the opportunities it presents, electoral coverage can easily turn into a breeding ground for polarisation and misinformation. Fact-checkers give a list of dos and don’ts. Read the article here.

Committee to Protect Journalists | In Guinea, journalists censored, expelled, arrested

Guinean authorities should ensure journalists are not expelled or arrested over critical coverage, and ensure unhindered access to social media platforms, news sites, and broadcasters, the Committee to Protect Journalists says. Read the article here.

INMA | Apple approaches some news publishers with multi-year, multi-million AI deals

Unlike other Big Tech companies, Apple is asking permission and offering to pay news media companies to use content to train its version of GenAI. News publishers, though, have mixed feelings about the move. Read the article here.

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