Fact-checking organisations in Africa have been working around the clock over the past several months to debunk and tackle the damaging spread of misinformation and fake news surrounding covid-19. These organisations have also had to adapt to the changing times, the new normal, in combating fake news and misinformation.

How have these organisations adapted to these challenging times? What innovative methods did they have to adopt in order to remain ahead of the curve? What can independent media and other fact-checking organisations do to enable/foster a culture of accuracy in the long-term?

Acting project co-ordinator and web editor for Jamlab, Tshepo Tshabalala discussed this topic and more with Ebele Oputa, Programme Officer/Consultant, Partnerships at Dubawa; Eric Mugendi, Managing Editor at PesaCheck ; and Lee Mwiti, Chief Editor for Africa Check.

Find Eric’s presentation and fact-checking tools used by PesaCheck and also a list to numerous starter kits recommended by Ebele.


Watch the full conversation below

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